baobab tree
The Baobab tree caught our attention as we journeyed through our local aromatic plant research. Well noted for its longevity in the plant kingdom, with a lifespan of 4000-6000 years, the baobab tree is also known as the African tree of life. Since ancient times, baobab trees have been loved by ancient African and Arab cultures. The mature fruit of the baobab tree contains water, protein, fat, cellulose, etc. The pulp is especially rich in vitamin C, which is almost 10 times more than an orange.. The fruit of the baobab tree is juicy and can either be eaten raw, or the juice can be consumed as tea.
During severe famines in history, this "natural bread" was a lifesaver for thousands of people. Travelers in the drylands can survive by absorbing water from the fruit and tree. Thus, baobab well earned its name: "the tree of life".
The Baobab tree and its fruit are treasured as a local health care product for its skin rejuvenation.
Why do baobab fruits work so amazingly well for skin care? This nature’s anti-aging property beckons us  to use cutting edge science and technology to decode the mystery of natural health and beauty. We repeatedly visited the African continent in search for answers, and we also communicated with various scientists in universities and research institutions around the world to find the answers. After numerous experiments, we discovered the unique formulation of natural aromatic essence and baobab fruits active ingredients for cell regeneration activation and this is what we can now present to you.
The R&D team found that baobab seeds are very high in oil quality. Higher in unsaturated acid content than olive oil, rich in oil but not greasy, and become natural resistance to loss of moisture, in addition to skin repair and moisturizing effects. The rich protein increases the skin's elasticity, helps strengthen the intercellular substance, and promotes internal locking of moisture. After using it consistently, you can truly experience the beautiful feeling of oil-water balance from the inside to the outside of your skin every morning.
Baobab extract is not only moisturizing, but also has anti-allergen effects. It can reduce the formation of melanin, and it also promotes antioxidant effects and enhances the skin's defences. At the same time, it can also soothe redness, peeling, dry itching, and improve skin problems. Even in drier climates or environments, it maintains good skin texture and balance.
We use baobab extract prepared from rose dew as the base of a series of skin care products to strengthen the hydrating sebum film, bring soft and comfortable feelings to the skin, replenish the skin's deep moisture reserve, and restore skin's moisture and elasticity.
The emergence of the Baobao skin care series is a beautiful surprise of nature. We perfectly formulate the products from natural inspiration opening a new chapter of Baobab tree in the skin care era.